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About Us

Festum Software – Smart solutions for efficient work


Festum Oy was founded in 2003.

Our mission is to create smart software solutions for people to make their working easier. We specialize in combining user oriented software with new ways of working to create real value for our customers.

More than just smart solutions

Everyone is a customer servant in Festum. We want to offer our customers the best experience with agile and efficient processes. Our long experience in software sector combined with our knowledge in high technology ensures that working with us is easy, efficient and inspiring.

Products which solve real challenges 

Our solutions have been developed in collaboration with our partners to help solve true challenges in working processes – especially in robotics and automation fields. We have been collaborating with leading finance and Real Estate Management companies for nearly 10 years.


Our solutions:

Hausvise – New age of Real Estate Management
Kofax solutions for Robotic Process Automation, Information capture and Digital transformation.



Festum Software Oy

Puh: 0207 909 700 
Email: info@festum.fi


Isolinnankatu 22 B
28100 PORI


Pyhäjärvenkatu 5 B
33200 Tampere


Äyritie 8 E
01510 VANTAA

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